Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Good gracious my brain is not connected.

I forgot my flanges.

As a pumper, this is a BAD thing....as in normal pumping produces 3 - 4 oz per day (that's 2 pumping sessions).  Today, less than 1.

Hand pumping is terribly difficult for me.  Some moms are great at it, but I have never quite gotten the knack.  There are very informative videos on-line and descriptions in books, but I just suck.

Here are my worries:
#1. Not pumping + not sleeping (another blog) could = clogged duct
#2. Not pumping will reduce my supply....that is terribly low anyway.
#3. That is will enjoy the freedom while I drive home and not want to pump tomorrow...even when I have all of the necessary parts.

#3 brings up a good discussion....one I don't know the answer to.  When do I loose that pumping session?  LO is 18 months old, is eating great and still nurses 3-4 times a day plus drinks 2 sippy cups of breastmilk (1.5 oz each) and rice milk (3 oz each).  So if I drop the pumping session, how much milk will I loose?...probably an ounce...maybe more.  Something to think about, although....what else am I doing while driving?  Pumping and driving is a great use of time.

I shall continue to contemplate loosing another pumping session...the freedom is a good incentive.

So you ask "What are you doing to insure you don't forget the flanges tomorrow?"
#1. Getting the pump bag ready in its entirety tonight.
#2. Getting more sleep (please LO????).

Wish me luck!



  1. I wish I could magically make more milk for you or give you a good night's sleep!