Wednesday, May 30, 2012


A friend, an acquaintance really, is having a C-Section today.  I shall call her Girly-Girl.  I worry about her…she’s young.  I have tried for so long (8 ½ months) to help educate her about the process of becoming a mom, she’s just so young.

I worry, so I pray.  I know she’s in good hands, but I hope she is mature enough to ask for help beyond that of her mom….it’s a lot to hope for, but aim for the stars, right?

Blessings to you Girly-Girl and welcome to mommy world!  PLEASE CALL if you need help.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Zoo mommys!

My mom, we call her "Granny", LO and I went to the local zoo Sunday.  We only toured the Africa section, but that is quite the trek.  We saw nursing mommas of both the wild and tame varieties :)  Here are some pictures I took.

 LOOK the baby chimp is nursing!  He is almost 2 just like LO! :)  An ignorant man loudly announced "Goodness, how long do chimps nurse?"  I politely informed him "In the wild until they have their 2nd set of molars because at that point they can eat enough food that they don't need supplementation of their diet."  To which he replied, "That's like 10 in human years, my wife would have killed me."  I let the subject die at that point.

LO playing with the nursling chimp.

 Rhino nursing sighting!  This rhino will turn 2 in the "late fall" according to zoo employees.  Watch out for the horn!  AHHH, and I thought teeth were bad.

 Look a "tame" momma and her nursling!  This is LO and I counting the sleeping lions.

We had a great time and will be back soon.  Next time we shall visit the Australia section!

We are hurt

Things have been said.  Actions have been threatened.  We are hurt.
That is all I have to say on the issue.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


My pump and I have broken least for the next couple weeks!

I have pumped every week day for 19 months (LO was 1 month when I started) an entire lifetime.

I am having mixed feelings.....FREEDOM...and it's strange, but I have missed my 30 minutes of buzz, buzz, buzz.

I came to the conclusion to reduce my pumping to once a day a while ago and since then I have been producing less than an ounce and often less than 1/2 an ounce from each side.  VERY depressing to spend 30 minutes hooked up and only produce a swallow full.

Anyway, Monday was the determining factor in my decision...I produced less than 1/4 ounce from each breast and was so depressed.  Tuesday when I packed my pump, I started thinking "Why am I doing this for 1/4 ounce?"  I did some research and texted with some good friends and decided my body has adjusted to LO's nursing schedule and probably won't see much of a drop in supply, if any, by dropping the 1 pumping.  It was very strange.  I ate lunch, I worked on a the silence.

Today I brought the pump, but left it in the car.

I have decided that if I feel I need to pump, I can, otherwise it is living in the car!

So, here's to my new freedom during lunch!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Have you seen the TIME Magazine cover photo this week?  How could you not?  Unless you are anti-news and social media, you've see it.  Here it is again...GASP!
Photo of woman with breast-feeding child

Did it bother you?  I think the photo could have been classier, more loving, but in general it's beautiful for a mom to nurse her child...infant, toddler, older toddler....whatever.

A local talk radio show was discussing this "extreme parenting" option of exentded breastfeeding and the conversation was VERY offensive to me.  I texted into the show as I often do, and then sent a LONG e-mail this morning. 
Here's the e-mail:


I am an avid listener and have been for many years. I want to say I have really enjoyed the change of pace with the addition of Dana; a mom’s point of view is very appreciated. Although easily distracted, Skittles is refreshing.

I am writing today to continue my text conversation about extended breast feeding. I texted yesterday at 4:39p.m. You were done with the conversation and I couldn’t stop myself from voicing my opinion. I told you “I am so disappointed in the 2 of you. I am a proud breastfeeding mom of a 20 month old. Just because our society says it is weird is that what you accept? I will send an email later. I hope you take the time to read it and be educated. Dana…are you sure you did the best thing for your children forcing them to wean if you did?” You responded telling me 20 month old nursing is not weird 6 years old is. I then responded that you don’t know all of the circumstances listing allergies, physical defects and mental problems. Then is hit the zinger button… “Lots of reasons beyond mom not wanting to let go. Why does that give you a reason to bully her or the many other extended breastfeeding moms? You should apologize”

Your next topic was bullying…I find it fitting that your show took so much of its time to bully an entire segment of the population then you go on to say “Bullying is bad”. WHAT???? What gives you the right to say my style of parenting is disturbing enough that you feel the need to call me out and say HOW DARE YOU?

The TIME Magazine cover started this touchy issue….it seems to always be at the boiling point….I agree…distasteful. If I were to have taken that picture I would have set it up differently. The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) has recently agreed with the long-standing view of the WHO (World Health Organization) that breastfeeding should continue until the child is 2 or beyond as long as is mutually acceptable and desirable for both parties.

I would have had the mom sitting in a chair, dressed for work, child snuggling in her arms nursing….like you would expect to see. I think it is beautiful that this mom of a 3 year old takes the time to give him the emotional connection SO many older toddlers need.

Here is a link to a website with TONS of toddler nursing information.

I beg both of you, and anyone else who has a question, concern or just curiosity to attend a LaLeche League meeting. They are held all over the city at different times. I PERSONALLY invite you to my group’s meeting coming up on Monday May 21 at 7:30p.m. We would love you to see the wide range of ages of kids, range of moms and the beautiful support women give each other. If you want to attend a different group, here is the website

Finally I would like to address the ignorant woman who called stating that having a baby drink another moms milk is like drinking someone else’s snot. HOW completely ignorant. Are you aware that breast milk is a living organization that when given to a premature baby before it’s mother’s milk come in can help the babies lungs and brain continue to develop as if it was still in the mother’s womb? Did you know that we have a local hospital with a milk bank?

Breastfeeding is a BEAUTIFUL NATURAL act that should be viewed as such. It angers and disappoints me that Americans are so sexual. Evolutionary speaking breasts are for attracting a mate because they show potentially that the mother could nurture children which in turns increases the survival rate and continues the man’s genes. I believe that breasts have dual purpose….but just because the SEX is the par that we have over sensationalized does NOT mean that breastfeeding should be seen as icky but rather an educational experience.

Ever wonder why Europe has less of a teen drinking problem? It is in part because alcohol is part of their culture, it is not taboo only for adults, it is normal. Breastfeeding is the same in MANY countries. Americans are yet again behind in the acceptance and education in this life-saving natural event. People need to educate themselves so they don’t look like idiots and don’t wrongfully make other people feel bad about their decisions.

I know this e-mail is quite long, but as you can see I am very passionate about this topic.

1 final note….to make breastfeeding “normal” we need to have heated discussions, moms need to breastfeed in public (discretely, I agree) and our children need to be exposed to the natural reason for our bodies to have these parts.

What are your thoughts?  Did I cover all the bases?  Did I offend anyone?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Participated in a local parade this past weekend.  We had a church float...again.

This was SOOOO different from the St. Patrick's day parade that I won't try to make comparisons.  Just know, it was MUCH better!

Here's a picture of our float and happy participants!
Our float was pulled by 3Circles and her big truck!  See the steeple of our Church?  Hubby built it!  We (3Circles and I) painted the bricks...only 1 side is messed up...oh well.  You can see me on the float in the red shirt and Hubby's head behind me.  Then we have LC (one of 3 walking kiddos!) and BP (one of 5 walking adults!!!!) there is also a ride-hitcher in purple on the float...she was with another group and needed a ride.  The ride-hitcher is sitting on an actual pew from the church and we had "Contemporary" music playing.  Our signs said "We've been here since the beginning" and "Grandview United Methodist Church Est. 1906"...the parade was for the 100 anniversary of our town.  The weather was beautiful and the event successful!

So "Where is LO?" You ask....see behind BP an arm?  That's my mom and she is pushing the stroller with LO waiving like crazy!

Wish I could tell you LO nursed the whole way...would make more sense for this blog, but she is beyond that point and was content just waiving at all the people.