Thursday, March 29, 2012

completely offended

My post a while ago completely offended people.  It's unfortunate because the offense was not intended.  I will not appologize for speaking my mind; the truth hurts some times.

I will say that the offended people should have come to me to discuss it or even just to report the offense...I hope that in time they will mature enough to realize discussions need to be had, even if they are difficult to start.

The post was intended to ask for help....of which I have received great advice.  THANKS :)  For now the issue has been put to bed, the events canceled and the offended have run the other direction.  Here's hoping a conversation can be started.  COMMUNICATION is the answer.


funny story

Back to funny pumping stories!

Monday I was leaving the office and getting situated to pump, normal...right?  Well not exactly.  It was quite warm and all my windows were down, no big deal.  Leaving my office there is a double left turn onto the main road.  Waiting at the light is when I plug in, safety and all.  Typically I sit at this light by myself in the evenings, Monday was different.  There was an SUV in the lane next to me, no big deal, until the back seat window rolled down and 2 young girls (probably 9 or 10) looked right at me.  I instantly was a bit taken back...I haven't been stared at in a few months, I mean STARED a show of some sort.  Soon after the staring began, the light changed, they were gone...I was 1/2 plugged in.

After thinking about this event this week, I came to a point of asking "What was so fascinating?" "Why haven't these girls learned about breast milk and pumping?" "Why was I so embarrassed?"
#1. What was so fascinating?  BOOBS fascinate people...boys, men, girls and's just an appendage people have that draws attention.  Either you have them or you want them. 
#2. Why haven't these girls learned about breast milk and pumping?  I can't say that they haven't learned about breastfeeding and pumping, but it's probably a good guess.  I think boobs are so sexual in our culture that we hide them from children, including the use of them for feeding our infant's sad really.
#3. Why was I so embarrassed?  I think I am coming to a point in my pumping career that I feel some of the "when are you going to stop" pressure and often push those thoughts and feelings onto complete strangers....who are they to know that my baby is 18 months old?  Who am I to care that they are or aren't judging me?

Anyway, funny little story.  Boobs are funny!

btw, this is blog #12 for the year!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

18 months and counting!

LO is 18 months!
Here are some pictures from her photo shoot with grandpa!

Blowing kisses :)


LOVE to swing

Walking around at night....

Playing at the park

So much has changed.

I am still pumping, but only 2 times a day.  During lunch and on the way home, yup still driving and pumping....  Supply is WAY down, but I gladly send 3-4 ounces of breastmilk to school mixed with 4-5 ounces of rice milk for my LO.  Yes, she still nurses 3-4 times in the evenings and first thing in the morning (sometimes first thing is 3 am).

LO had been better and is not not so great at going to bed.  Seems 1 step forward 3 steps back is the way we roll.  3 nights a week or so she goes to sleep and stays until 5 or 6 am!  The other 4 days she is up around 2....or fights to go to sleep until midnight.  Hardheaded...just like her daddy :)  She is sleeping in her own Queen sized bed for these times then joins us in bed.  There are the wonderful days of all night bed at 9 and waking up around 7 or 7:30...I long for those...especially when the fight to sleep and only 2-3 hours of uninterrupted sleep occurs.  Guess this is the life I signed up for.  LOVE IT!

I've been thinking, I should get a bumper sticker with my blog name on it.  Thoughts?  It would be interesting if I could see if a sticker boosted my followers.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm what?

Yup, there's that.

My office was decorated, something put me into a terrible mood....fabulous day.  YOU?

The difference between 29 and 30?  I think my temper is actually a little shorter, so much for the wiser and calmer part of getting older.

We are going to dinner tonight at a local brew pub!  Should be fun and yummy!

Anyway, just checking in.

Monday, March 12, 2012

My youth group dilemma

I am having a dilemma...need some help.

I feel the urge, calling, desire...whatever to help revive our failing youth program at church.  It was a great feeling, I was going to help mold and shape these young people into lovely, decent God loving adults!  Well, that was 2 years ago and I am disenchanted now.

We meet the 1st and 3rd Sunday after church.  We have lunch, we talk, we discuss a bible lesson and then we think and plan local mission work....sounds great right????  NOT!  We have the laziest bunch of kiddos ever.  They want to function and do the things a big youth program gets to do, BUT are unwilling to bring friends, or tell others we are having a meeting or an event....

So I ask 'How are we supposed to grow the group?'  Bigger group = better events.

Local missions...what does that mean?  Well, we thought it would mean a community garden, picking up trash for the city and gleaning.  We gleaned (2 of the kiddos and 4 adults) ONCE.  We have dreamed and planned of the garden, BUT no one is willing to actually do anything.  It was like pulling teeth to get participants for the gleaning....I don't want to think what I will have to do to get willing participants to start the garden, let along the weeding and harvesting in the heat of August...oi

Yesterday we participated in the local St. Patrick's Day rained....more on that in a different post.  These kids helped put together the float Saturday...they were involved and had a great time....come Sunday and the weather is not so great and all we heard was complaining.  Get this...we had 3 youth and 8 adults plus 2 babies under 2....guess what they 3 youth did....sat, huddled under blankets and umbrellas in the bed of the truck.  Hardly any waiving to the crowd, heaven-forbid they actually show some excitement to help encourage other people to join our small youth group.

So I find myself asking....what is the point?  Do I keep trudging on hoping for a kiddo with some spirit and gung-ho-ness....or do I fold the towel and let them do what they want....sit around and gab about nothing in particular?  I thought the point was to learn about and do God's work.



So I had a technical fail this morning.  I wrote a GREAT blog post about yesterday's parade....then hit the "Delete" button and deleted the WHOLE POST :(  It was very frustrating.  Hopefully I will feel satirical later and post really would enjoy the story.

btw....#8 for 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

And my choice for President is.......

Blogging Scholarship

Mitt Romney.

I know that my decision will possibly change and definitely get some rousing discussions started...both of which are OK.

I have considered my top 3 contenders: Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.  Many key factors came to mind when pondering the question "What makes a good president?"

#1.  A good proven leader.
#2.  A person with real life experience.
#3.  Someone who holds their beliefs high.
#4.  Someone with lots of personal integrity.
#5.  An open-minded person that wants to tweak the system, not overhaul it.

Looking at my list above, you may is it Mitt Romney wins?  I think it comes down to, I don't feel slimy after listening to him.  Although it gets a bit slimy when he openly admits he doesn't remember where all of his "homes" are, someone should not necessarily be judged because of his inherited and earned wealth.

All 3 of my contenders have law degrees and have been practicing attorneys.  In my opinion this is a negative point.  Working with attorneys I have witnessed a regular occurrence of procrastination, whining and complaining until the other side concedes, right or wrong.  It worries me that a president who has been a practicing attorney might procrastinate important issues and whine through legislation that many people don't understand but is a pet project.

President Obama was a teacher.  This is a VERY high point to me.  It takes a lot of organization and forethought to be a respectable teacher and I can only assume he was highly respected in the college community as a professor.

Mitt Romney has been a successful businessman for many years.  I believe that the United States of America should be run like a business.  We need to cut losses, overspending and slug-like employees.  Mitt Romney inherited his business, BUT he also earned his MBA and successfully ran the business.  He showed off his ability to think outside the box but within specified unchanging restrictions like budget and time and helped the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics be done within budget and on-time (things China and Canada cannot say)!

Both Rick Santorum and President Obama were both part of the United State Congress a point I believe in the negative category.  Although serving their people, politicians who are in Washington D.C. seem to loose track of what their people want and what they need and swept up in the hustle and bustle of capital hill.  It is unfortunate, but happens again and again.  Being Governor, Mitt Romney stayed in his state and represented his people from a close-to-home position.  I believe it allows him to understand the people better.

Now, some people will argue that a "Mormon" has no business being in the highest office of our country.  I will argue to that point that a bigot such as Rick Santorum has not business being in such a position.  As a lover of the American principal of FREEDOM, I do not believe that Rick Santorum and his belief that homosexuality can be equated to polygamy, incest and bestiality should be anywhere near a position that could change and challenge my freedoms.  I believe that Mitt Romney's religious beliefs, although unorthodox and unlike mine, are to be respected because he is not challenging or taking away any one's freedom.  The MAJOR thing holding this country back is fear; fear of the unknown, fear of the different and fear of stereotypes.  Religion is a personal thing; everyone should have one, they should hold it up high and say "This is what I believe."  Religion should NOT make policy, however, religious beliefs will always hold some weight in true a believer's decisions; there is nothing wrong with that.

So after deliberation, my decision is still Mitt Romney.  May he be strong enough to endue the outcry, the deceit and the pressure.  May he lead us into the next 4 (or 8) years in a better budget position, with a better understanding and acceptance for people in general and with all our freedoms intact as laid out by the Constitution.

Until next

Thursday, March 8, 2012

18 month update

LO turns 18 months next Wednesday (the 14th)!  I decided I should send out an update to family we don't see very often, so here it is. Let me know if you can't read it and I will repost....sorry.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Props to the blogs I read

Yup, I said "Props"...not exactly sure what it really means, but I is a list of the blogs I read...pretty regularly.
If you have one and aren't on my list....tell me about it.

18 & Knocked Up
Raising Caden
The Little Momma
Raising Kveller (a blog by Blossom!)
A day in the life
Off Beat Momma

Not a long list, but I love watching the changes.

1. Swim a mile
I used to be able to do this....pre-pregnancy....

2. Run a mile
I have NEVER been able to do will power....
I have been working's a start.  I did 5 minutes of step on the Wii and then did the beginner run (10) minutes!

3. Enroll in Zumba or Step class
LOVED step-aerobics class in college

4. finish Bernat's Knit-a-long
I am half way through the first block of an 8 block clue #1.....join me!
I am almost done with the first clue!  

5. Make all Christmas gifts
Hopefully I will be done aroun dHalloween

6. Finish Amy's baby blanket - CHECK!
It's done, it's done, it's done!

7. Make something for Alayna's twins
I have no ideas....suggestions?
I figured it out!  WOOO HOO!  Pictures to come.

8. Enroll in school - part time
The deal with this is I had to re-apply.
I was admitted while pregnant....then didn't go...dumb me...but I have reapplied...

9. Enroll in school - full time

10. Apply for 10 scholarships/grants
I have applied for 3 scholarships!

11. Enjoy a trip I didn't plan

12. Become debt free

13. Swim off the boat at Lake

14. Take youth to Arkansas

15. Sing solo @ church
This is scheduled for 3/11  Still scheduled :~

16. Write children's book
Always been a dream of mine

17. 30 blogs
I think I'm up to 3..this might be 4...

18. Feel beautiful at friends wedding in June

19. Visit KC Zoo 15 times

20. Go to family reunion in July
This seems like a strange goal, but I have not seen my dad's side of the family in 10-12 years. I think it is time.

So there you have update on my to-do list!
It's a work in progress...I'll try to remember to keep you updated.