Thursday, March 29, 2012

funny story

Back to funny pumping stories!

Monday I was leaving the office and getting situated to pump, normal...right?  Well not exactly.  It was quite warm and all my windows were down, no big deal.  Leaving my office there is a double left turn onto the main road.  Waiting at the light is when I plug in, safety and all.  Typically I sit at this light by myself in the evenings, Monday was different.  There was an SUV in the lane next to me, no big deal, until the back seat window rolled down and 2 young girls (probably 9 or 10) looked right at me.  I instantly was a bit taken back...I haven't been stared at in a few months, I mean STARED a show of some sort.  Soon after the staring began, the light changed, they were gone...I was 1/2 plugged in.

After thinking about this event this week, I came to a point of asking "What was so fascinating?" "Why haven't these girls learned about breast milk and pumping?" "Why was I so embarrassed?"
#1. What was so fascinating?  BOOBS fascinate people...boys, men, girls and's just an appendage people have that draws attention.  Either you have them or you want them. 
#2. Why haven't these girls learned about breast milk and pumping?  I can't say that they haven't learned about breastfeeding and pumping, but it's probably a good guess.  I think boobs are so sexual in our culture that we hide them from children, including the use of them for feeding our infant's sad really.
#3. Why was I so embarrassed?  I think I am coming to a point in my pumping career that I feel some of the "when are you going to stop" pressure and often push those thoughts and feelings onto complete strangers....who are they to know that my baby is 18 months old?  Who am I to care that they are or aren't judging me?

Anyway, funny little story.  Boobs are funny!

btw, this is blog #12 for the year!


  1. my first question was 'why did the driver let those girls just stare at you?'..
    is this the post that offended people, bf & pumping is perfectly natural & something everyone should learn about & just be ok with. I was so mad whenever someone would stare at me for nursing in public or pumping, it's only the most healthy thing for your child. I can understand if some people don't want to but they do not need to judge us for wanting to!

    1. Val,
      no this is not the post that made people mad. A previous post.

      I don't think the girls said anything and the mom was on the phone.