Friday, March 9, 2012

And my choice for President is.......

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Mitt Romney.

I know that my decision will possibly change and definitely get some rousing discussions started...both of which are OK.

I have considered my top 3 contenders: Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.  Many key factors came to mind when pondering the question "What makes a good president?"

#1.  A good proven leader.
#2.  A person with real life experience.
#3.  Someone who holds their beliefs high.
#4.  Someone with lots of personal integrity.
#5.  An open-minded person that wants to tweak the system, not overhaul it.

Looking at my list above, you may is it Mitt Romney wins?  I think it comes down to, I don't feel slimy after listening to him.  Although it gets a bit slimy when he openly admits he doesn't remember where all of his "homes" are, someone should not necessarily be judged because of his inherited and earned wealth.

All 3 of my contenders have law degrees and have been practicing attorneys.  In my opinion this is a negative point.  Working with attorneys I have witnessed a regular occurrence of procrastination, whining and complaining until the other side concedes, right or wrong.  It worries me that a president who has been a practicing attorney might procrastinate important issues and whine through legislation that many people don't understand but is a pet project.

President Obama was a teacher.  This is a VERY high point to me.  It takes a lot of organization and forethought to be a respectable teacher and I can only assume he was highly respected in the college community as a professor.

Mitt Romney has been a successful businessman for many years.  I believe that the United States of America should be run like a business.  We need to cut losses, overspending and slug-like employees.  Mitt Romney inherited his business, BUT he also earned his MBA and successfully ran the business.  He showed off his ability to think outside the box but within specified unchanging restrictions like budget and time and helped the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics be done within budget and on-time (things China and Canada cannot say)!

Both Rick Santorum and President Obama were both part of the United State Congress a point I believe in the negative category.  Although serving their people, politicians who are in Washington D.C. seem to loose track of what their people want and what they need and swept up in the hustle and bustle of capital hill.  It is unfortunate, but happens again and again.  Being Governor, Mitt Romney stayed in his state and represented his people from a close-to-home position.  I believe it allows him to understand the people better.

Now, some people will argue that a "Mormon" has no business being in the highest office of our country.  I will argue to that point that a bigot such as Rick Santorum has not business being in such a position.  As a lover of the American principal of FREEDOM, I do not believe that Rick Santorum and his belief that homosexuality can be equated to polygamy, incest and bestiality should be anywhere near a position that could change and challenge my freedoms.  I believe that Mitt Romney's religious beliefs, although unorthodox and unlike mine, are to be respected because he is not challenging or taking away any one's freedom.  The MAJOR thing holding this country back is fear; fear of the unknown, fear of the different and fear of stereotypes.  Religion is a personal thing; everyone should have one, they should hold it up high and say "This is what I believe."  Religion should NOT make policy, however, religious beliefs will always hold some weight in true a believer's decisions; there is nothing wrong with that.

So after deliberation, my decision is still Mitt Romney.  May he be strong enough to endue the outcry, the deceit and the pressure.  May he lead us into the next 4 (or 8) years in a better budget position, with a better understanding and acceptance for people in general and with all our freedoms intact as laid out by the Constitution.

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