Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Change in "Normal"

They say "Change is good."  They don't say "Change is easy."

I'm hoping to say Change was so easy, I don't know what I was worried about.

LO turns 1 in 15 days!  We have changed her from bottles to sippy cups exclusively as less than a week!  Now we are changing how many she gets....from 3 to 2 cups of 4 oz of milk.  She is a VERY healthy eater and is not missing out on any calories, so with all the supply issues I have, this makes sense.

With a change in how many ounces I need to send to school each day, I get to take out a pumping session! SO EXCITED :)  I will now pump on the way to work, at lunch and on my way home!  Today was the first trial of this theory...I pumped 11 ounces....3 more than I will send tomorrow!

I have also decided to change the fact that I was taking 2 different supplements to assist in milk production.  I am no longer taking those for 2 reasons....1 they are expensive....2 I don't want to.  We will see how this goes.

So with life comes change, and FINALLY I have found change I am excited for!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Gadgets & Gizmos

Gadget (from
a mechanical contrivance or device; any ingenious article.
a strange and crazy barn cat turned family pet
I have finally taken the time (20 minutes mind you) to learn how to use my hands free pumping gadget that came with my Medela Freestyle pump!
So you ask...."How is it you have been pumping on 435 for almost a year without this gadget?"  Well that is a funny story....I found out that I can hook up without this particular gadget.  It's a trick and I'm not telling my secret :)
Anyway, I was figuring out this gadget and had to actually pull out the directions!  Have you ever looked at one?  First you have the pump and its parts then you have the extra parts of the hands free to assemble and figure out....felt like I needed a video instruction course and a few extra hands to help.  20 minutes later, I have hooked up and am driving down the road no problems....except the milk.  I guess I was extremely anxious about using this device, so I didn't pump very well.
I have used the gadget a few more times (4 to be exact) and have gotten the hook up time down to 3 minutes.
Some gadgets are great, some are handy, but others are just extra parts and stress.  So far, this one has only been an extra stress.  The good news is my milk production is back to normal even with the gadget.
Gizmo is my loving cat.  She is CRAZY, just ask poor Willie...she tried to eat him.  Giz loves my LO and lovingly head butts cute.
The reason for adding Gizmo to the post?  I named it Gadgets & I had to add her in.
Happy pumping :)

Friday, August 19, 2011


Post #2 for the day!  GO ME!

Who knew the little blue people of my childhood would be so popular in my child's childhood?

Last week I was on a mission: Find Smurfs.  McDonald's had the toys for the Happy Meal promoting the movie, so I had my destination.  Now, as a normal food source, I stay away from "The Great M Steakhouse," but for promotional toys there is no better place.

So you ask, was I searching for the figurines for my LO?  No, my Aunt lives in Montana and was attempting to make a complete set (14 I believe) for her boss.  So I'm on the hunt in Kansas and Missouri for my Aunt who lives in Montana...welcome to my crazy family.

Anyway, on both Tuesday and Wednesday last week, I drove through 2 different McDonalds looking for the little buggars.  Pumping and going through the drive thru is not a new concept for me, but the reaction of the McDonals' employees was epic. *It should be known that when I pump in the car 90% of the time my shirt fits over the pump and bottles and I just look like my boobs are really droopy.  Nothing to see really.

Day 1 - McD 1 ~ Employee, girl, ignored the fact (the normal occurrence).
Day 1 - McD 2 ~ Employee, girl, leaned out her window and asked "What model pump do you use?"  Sweet, someone who knows, understands and has been there!  I told her and then moved on.
Day 2 - McD  1 ~ Employee, guy (typically they do not notice or if they do notice don't EVER say anything) looked straight at my boobs and said "What's the noise?"  I explained, he turned red and then turned away from me.
Day 2 - McD 2 ~ Employee, guy, no reaction.

My Smurf mission was over, but I had to share the reaction of these employees!  Went 360 degrees with their reactions.

Anyone have a Drive Thru employee say something about you pumping?

User Error

Pumping today dozing off as usual and suddenly my pump STOPS.  No suction, no noise Stops.
I look at the silly machine I regularly beg to pull out a TON of milk and NOTHING is on the screen; no signs of life.  TERRIBLE.
What do I do?  I'm only 6 minutes into a 25 minute session.
              Option 1 => Hand expression.  I have never been very good at that.  Really frustrating.
              Option 2 => Buy a battery.  My pump takes  a huge silver batter that I have never seen before.
              Option 3 => Buy a hand pump.  The problems with this plan: #1, I already have one, #2, I don't have the money to go buy one, #3, the parts need to be sterilized (hard to do in an office that doesn't even have a sink)
              Option 4 => Try a random AC Adapter.  I highly dont' recommend this option, but it is what I chose and I worked!

Turns out my Medela Freestyle likes to be plugged in more often.  Lesson Learned!

Disaster averted.  Glad the AC Adapter in the office "Box of random parts with cords" worked and did not fry my pump (really don't have money to buy a new one of those).  Unfortunately however, it did freak out my boos and they didn't produce very much milk :(.  Pumping is 90% mental and my brain was somewhere else.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Chiropractor Visits

I have been taking my LO to the Chiropractor since she was 3 days old.  WHAT!?!?!  Is typically the reaction people give me when they find out....but YES she goes regularly and so do I. 
Think about this....when a child is learning how to sit, crawl or walk, they slip and fall...right?  Well the spine is a moving part of your body, so when you slip and fall, it is jarred and then needs to be put back to it's most fluid state.  Much like Humpty Dumpty.
Anyway, LO and I were adjusted on Thursday!  We were sitting in the waiting room and the nicest looking old man kept playing with LO with his facial features.  So cute.  When we were called into the room, he offered to watch her.  I told him "No thanks, it's her turn."  He scowled at me and said "What, has she been in a car wreck?  What's wrong with her?"  I told him that she is adjusted for preventative reasons and to keep her body functioning at its best as she learns to crawl.  He "hump"ed and turned away from us.
So I ask, what is wrong with preventative adjustments?  Maybe if he was adjusted more often, his disposition would be better :)
So a happy and well adjusted momma will keep her happy and adjusted child going to the chiropractor.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Supply Woes

I am hoping that by blogging my pumping experiences, I will be able to boost my supply.  You see, I have milk, but just barely enough.  I send 12 ounces to school with LO, but make 12 1/2 or less each day.  This is a very tight wire to walk.  Sure, I have some frozen milk.  BUT that is an emergency stash....which is dwindling.
What to do, What to do?
There are lots of options, many of which I have tried.  I regularly eat an entire bulb of fennel sauteed in olive oil then sprinkle it with dill, drink 3-5 cups of Mother's Milk Tea, take fenugreek capsules....etc., all with mixed results.
So I am at a LOW point in my supply right now and considering other homeopathic and natural options.  There is the medical option, I am VERY hesitant to add something synthetic to my diet knowing that some of it will go to my daughter.
Many of you will ask, why bother?  Why would you go through the trouble of worrying about this when there is formula (the most fabulous thing ever, right?)....a different soap box...for a different day.
So my current solution is to try a new golactogauge Ayurceutics Shatavari -- 60 Vegetarian Capsules , I'll let you know how it works.
The nursing roller coaster is a ride I choose because of my belief that breast milk is best.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My first post!

I thought I would join the rest of the blogging world.  So, here goes nothing.

I named my blog "The 435 Pumper" because I think this is a really cool part of my life right now.  "Pumper?" you ask...well I am a breasfeeding full time working mom, so I pump my milk 5 days a week.  "So, really on 435?"  Yup!  Sure do.  I pump on my way to work and on my way home....very effective use of my time...don't you agree?

Anyway, my daughter is almost 11 months and is adorable. :)

She's awake, gotta go.