Friday, August 26, 2011

Gadgets & Gizmos

Gadget (from
a mechanical contrivance or device; any ingenious article.
a strange and crazy barn cat turned family pet
I have finally taken the time (20 minutes mind you) to learn how to use my hands free pumping gadget that came with my Medela Freestyle pump!
So you ask...."How is it you have been pumping on 435 for almost a year without this gadget?"  Well that is a funny story....I found out that I can hook up without this particular gadget.  It's a trick and I'm not telling my secret :)
Anyway, I was figuring out this gadget and had to actually pull out the directions!  Have you ever looked at one?  First you have the pump and its parts then you have the extra parts of the hands free to assemble and figure out....felt like I needed a video instruction course and a few extra hands to help.  20 minutes later, I have hooked up and am driving down the road no problems....except the milk.  I guess I was extremely anxious about using this device, so I didn't pump very well.
I have used the gadget a few more times (4 to be exact) and have gotten the hook up time down to 3 minutes.
Some gadgets are great, some are handy, but others are just extra parts and stress.  So far, this one has only been an extra stress.  The good news is my milk production is back to normal even with the gadget.
Gizmo is my loving cat.  She is CRAZY, just ask poor Willie...she tried to eat him.  Giz loves my LO and lovingly head butts cute.
The reason for adding Gizmo to the post?  I named it Gadgets & I had to add her in.
Happy pumping :)

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