Friday, August 19, 2011


Post #2 for the day!  GO ME!

Who knew the little blue people of my childhood would be so popular in my child's childhood?

Last week I was on a mission: Find Smurfs.  McDonald's had the toys for the Happy Meal promoting the movie, so I had my destination.  Now, as a normal food source, I stay away from "The Great M Steakhouse," but for promotional toys there is no better place.

So you ask, was I searching for the figurines for my LO?  No, my Aunt lives in Montana and was attempting to make a complete set (14 I believe) for her boss.  So I'm on the hunt in Kansas and Missouri for my Aunt who lives in Montana...welcome to my crazy family.

Anyway, on both Tuesday and Wednesday last week, I drove through 2 different McDonalds looking for the little buggars.  Pumping and going through the drive thru is not a new concept for me, but the reaction of the McDonals' employees was epic. *It should be known that when I pump in the car 90% of the time my shirt fits over the pump and bottles and I just look like my boobs are really droopy.  Nothing to see really.

Day 1 - McD 1 ~ Employee, girl, ignored the fact (the normal occurrence).
Day 1 - McD 2 ~ Employee, girl, leaned out her window and asked "What model pump do you use?"  Sweet, someone who knows, understands and has been there!  I told her and then moved on.
Day 2 - McD  1 ~ Employee, guy (typically they do not notice or if they do notice don't EVER say anything) looked straight at my boobs and said "What's the noise?"  I explained, he turned red and then turned away from me.
Day 2 - McD 2 ~ Employee, guy, no reaction.

My Smurf mission was over, but I had to share the reaction of these employees!  Went 360 degrees with their reactions.

Anyone have a Drive Thru employee say something about you pumping?

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