Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Participated in a local parade this past weekend.  We had a church float...again.

This was SOOOO different from the St. Patrick's day parade that I won't try to make comparisons.  Just know, it was MUCH better!

Here's a picture of our float and happy participants!
Our float was pulled by 3Circles and her big truck!  See the steeple of our Church?  Hubby built it!  We (3Circles and I) painted the bricks...only 1 side is messed up...oh well.  You can see me on the float in the red shirt and Hubby's head behind me.  Then we have LC (one of 3 walking kiddos!) and BP (one of 5 walking adults!!!!) there is also a ride-hitcher in purple on the float...she was with another group and needed a ride.  The ride-hitcher is sitting on an actual pew from the church and we had "Contemporary" music playing.  Our signs said "We've been here since the beginning" and "Grandview United Methodist Church Est. 1906"...the parade was for the 100 anniversary of our town.  The weather was beautiful and the event successful!

So "Where is LO?" You ask....see behind BP an arm?  That's my mom and she is pushing the stroller with LO waiving like crazy!

Wish I could tell you LO nursed the whole way...would make more sense for this blog, but she is beyond that point and was content just waiving at all the people.

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