Monday, April 30, 2012

Pumping Reduction

Time has come to reduce my pumping schedule again!  WooHoo!

Here's the new plan.
a.    Pump at lunch only through May. 
b.    Beginning the 14th (2 weeks from today) start pushing the pumping back to later in the afternoon.  c.    Then in June I will pump on my way to school 3:00. 
So 1 pumping a day!!!!!

I hope this will net me near the same amount of pumped milk and not make me crazy.  I'll keep you updated.

Why, you ask, don't I just stop pumping and force weaning????
Well, I have considered it, but LO and I are not ready for that relationship to end.  She still nurses multiple times at night.  I worry that stopping pumping will either make me engorged or completely dry up my milk....both would make me very sad.  So, for now, my pump and I are going steady....still.  I have hope, the day of our breakup is coming and now we are 1 step closer :)

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