Tuesday, April 24, 2012

on-line registration = frustration

So I'm trying to go back to school.....trying is the operative word.

I have figured out my schedule, looks pretty sweet on paper.

Enrollment began yesterday...yesterday, keep that in mind.  I went on-line about 3:30pm to make sure I knew what I was supposed to do to be successful at enrolling for the first time.  Low-and-behold, enrollment has already begun...at midnight....so I am 15.5 hours behind...GREAT!  I find my classes, select the section I want and click "register".  Should be all done....so I thought.  One of the classes I want to take this summer is on-line only in July!  GREAT :)  Well the only "seats" avaiable are resereved for RN-BSN students...how is that possible?  Guess I won't be taking that class. 

I have decided to take classes in the fall only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  15 hours was my initial plan.  Well, one class was set to only meet on Thursdays...I didn't realize it also had a lecture component that was required on Monday & Wednesday....not fitting into my plan this semester...oh well.

So for the summer I shall take 1 class, unless I am allowed to be added to the nursing students section or another "seat" is avaiable in a regular student section.  For the Fall I will take 12 hours (4 classes) all on Tuesday & Thursdays!  Should be interesting.

Now...how to pay for all of this....
I have received 2 scholarships based solely on my GPA of almost $4,000....so that will cover fall semester minus books.  I have been approved for no-interest student loans to cover the rest of fall and all of spring, I think.  But what about summer?  Only taking the 1 class reduces my fee, so it will get done.

Wish me luck!

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