Monday, April 9, 2012


I will make many of you happy (and me too) that LO and I have been sleeping much better!  Woohoo :)
Life is much better on a full night's sleep.

Yesterday concluded our Easter celebrations!  Well, there is 1 more thing we need to do.  We forgot to take our family picture.  Thought about it this moning in the shower, it totally slipped my mind (a lot of things do that these days).

So here is a recap of our Easter celebration.

Sunday April 1....Palm Sunday - church, nothing special.

Wednesday April 4....T-4 days to Easter...I have the brillian thought "LO needs to see the Easter Bunny!"  So I started researching where to find one.  2 local malls have a bunny and Crown Center. 
Thursday April 5....T-3 days to Easter....Miss D (babysitter) remindes me that they are going on a field trip to the park where an Easter bunny will be there to take pictures!...problem solved...unless, the picture isn't very good...then what do I do? 

Friday April 6....T-2 days to Easter....LO goes on field trip, we don't get a copy of the picture :( I assume the must be terrible.  Discuss with Hubby and decide not to take a trip to the mall the day before, just to deal with the picture from the park.  LO is 18 months old, does she really care?  Good Friday there is always a performance at our church from the SonLight Players called "Moments in Time"...depicting the 12 disciples questioning themselves "Was it I who betrayed Jesus?"...the play goes though the whole story from the Passover feast to the crucifixion.  I have seen it 3 years in a row and last year 7 times as Hubby and I were was enough.  We decided to skip it this year....and maybe next...SO not a child-friendly event.

Saturday April 7...T-1 day to Easter....we woke up around 7:30 (12 hours after going to sleep!) and decided the local community center was having an Easter Egg "hunt" and we should go, we were up already anyway...what's the harm?  Well, the "hunt" was more like rabid parents pushing and shoving towards the pastel eggs distributed by the hundreds by the is a picture.
See how many kids there are?  See the little pastel eggs?  Also...see KC Wolf?  It was an EVENT!

LO LOVED it, we went away with 9 pastel eggs that contained candy (soemthing she is not allowed to have) I emptied all the eggs and let her play with them.  There was a BUNNY at the egg hunt!

2:00 - 4:00 cantata practice at church.  Uneventful, just something we did.

Sunday April 8  EASTER has arrived!  5:40 AM my alarm goes off, we get ready in our Easter outfits to go to SonRise Service...starts at 7:00 am..we get to church at 6:30 because this is the one Hubby is in charge of!  The praise band (of which I participate) sang 5 songs, Hubby preached and was great!  Breakfast is served from 7:30 - 9:30, it was ok.  Then the 10 service was to start....and it did.  Granny came to entertain LO as I read the narrator part of the cantata and the choir sang.  No problems, no hitches!  After church events we went home for a much needed 4 hour nap!  We wandered over to Grandma & Granpa's house around 4:30 for a hard-boiled egg hunt with the uncles.  LO totally gets the process, find egg - pick it up and put in basket - take back to seat and open egg...very cute.

Today, Monday April 9, we will put our fancy Easter clothes on again and take a proper family picture!  I'll post soon.

So there you have it.  A week long celebration.  We spent lots of time at church, as we should, remembering the reason for the celebration.  As I look back on this Easter Monday, I feel so blessed to know the true story of Easter.

Be well.  Go knowing HE is risen!


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