Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm going back to school

Such a small word, but it is so daunting.  After being forced to quit college almost 10 years ago, it is quite scary to go back, event on contemplate going back.  BUT I'm doing it!

I met with an advisor at UMKC on Wednesday.  I was told that I have 3 years of full time school remaining.  WAIT!?!?!  I have completed 3 full time years...I thought this was a 5 year program....Well, it is, but it has been so long since I attended school, the programs have changed, I have changed schools & it is going to be 3 years. :(  UGH!

The meeting went really well, the advisor (Ms. G) is really nice and we got along just fine.  We mapped out my summer semester and discussed the other classes I need to accomplish before next fall (fall 2013) will be fine.  I will take 2 3hr classes this is only in June and totally on-line and the other is only in July and on campus 4 days a week.  I think that will be a nice reminder of how to go to school.  Then I will take 15 hours in the fall and only have class Tuesday & Thursday.  I will be on campus from 9:30 -7:00 Tuesdays and Thursdays....with plenty of study time built into the schedule!

I wrote earlier, I think, about the IUE's a recap.  It is a special addition to the regular UMKC Education program designed to equip new teachers with more intense in-school time to emphasis the needs and differences in "at risk" schools.  It is VERY competitive and VERRRRY time consuming.  You are on campus 5 days a week in class and in public schools and you have a volunteer commitment in "at risk" communities also...there are only 25 students in the program at any given time....and that includes 4 years of opportunity to be in the IUE program...crazy hard to get into.  Anyway, I was personally asked to apply, so I applied, haven't heard yet the results.  It doesn't much matter because I have decided to no participate int he IUE this year, but reapply for the 2013-2014 school year.

Anyway, I am SUPER excited about finally sucking it up and going back to school.  Liath is old enough, I'm not pregnant, it's time....long past time.

Be praying for me.

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