Monday, July 9, 2012


It's potty training time!
LO is ready, I do you really know?  I'm ready, so I hope she is.

We started today....a Monday.  You ask, "Why Monday?"  Well, our babysitter MissDee is fabulous and has a great record of helping kiddos learn to potty.  So going back to MissDee's after a week of vacation (for MissDee, not us) I thought would be a good thing to start on the first day's just the routine.  This might be a terrible idea.

We started out GREAT!  LO poo'd in the potty this morning, first thing! :)  HOORAY!

I have created a sticker chart and she has smiley faces for pee and cupcakes for poo.  This should be wonderful!

Wish us luck.  Have any suggestions on this adventure?

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  1. Keep a great sense of humor and be prepared for good and bad days.