Monday, July 16, 2012

Music to my ears

For those of you who don't know Hubby is a musician.  He was playing at our church every week as the music director and regularly serenades me at home :)  YUP, you should be jealous!

Anyway, since the falling out, our piano has been covered up with stuff and collecting dust.  It has been a sad situation, but one that I haven't taken much notice just hasn't been happening.

Well yesterday the keys were tickled by 2 sets of hands.  LO and Hubby played some great music!  From the moment I first looked at LO ans noticed her long fingers I knew: this kiddo is going to play piano (which is good because it is one of Hubby's requirements - everyone plays piano)!

Wasn't that beautiful?

Having this experience yesterday has made me really miss church.  I miss the fellowship, friendship, music, scripture, and most especially the moments of calmness. 

So we are officially on the hunt.  Where do you go to church?  We need some recommendations.

The ins and outs of why we are hunting shall be disclosed at a different time.

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