Thursday, July 19, 2012

Loosing up and down battle

Well, I've been on the uphill of this roller coaster for long enough!  It is time for a change and time to be serious about it.

When I loose weight, I need someone to be accountable to....not myself, not my "I want to gain weight" Hubby, someone not emotionally connected to me.  Someone I am paying to kick me in the rear and say DO IT NOW, DO IT THIS WAY AND ONLY THIS WAY!

So I rejoined a weight loss program.  It seems silly, but it worked last time and I know the plan works and I know the "counseling" helps.

So Day 1:
breakfast, good job!
lunch...not so good....I had lunch with my friend, let's call her Wacko! (she'll love it!)  Anyway, we met at Mr. Goodcents and I had a 1/2 sub on white bread with roast beef and mayo (the counselor is going to holler at me).
dinner....I'll be better.

Anyway, here goes.  I want a long down hill followed by a LONG EXTENDED flat portion of this roller coaster.

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