Wednesday, July 25, 2012

mid summer report

Today is July 25, 2012 and I feel like I should update you on how our summer is going.
Read on if you are interested :)

Hubby and I are both former lifeguards and LOVE to swim and play in pools!  This summer the Missouri Parks and Recreation Department did a fund raiser called the 2012 KC Splash Pass.  Here is the is a tri-fold that I have flattened, so that should help you understand the formatting.

So that is $25.00 for 24 visits (2 to each of 12 pools).  AMAZING deal!

So far we have been to The Bay ($9/adult and $6/kid...even LO), Super Splash ($10/person no matter age), Belton Outdoor Water Park ($8 or $9 per person I don't remember) and Meadowmere ($4/resident).  We have more than paid for our Splash Pass.

We decided that spending $50 for 2 Splash Passes made more sense than getting a Meadowmere (our local pool) Season Pass for $110 for 2 reasons #1 cheaper.  #2. Meadomere is a terrible pool.

It has been an absolute BLAST visiting the new pools.  We hope to visit a new one this weekend.

Here are some pictures from Belton Outdoor Water Park

Here are the ones from Super Splash

Here are some awesome videos!  Just a note on the videos: we are at a pool with TONS of other people and LOTS of water noise, so turn the speakers DOWN...there is no important talking.

Other than swimming, we have been continuing our garden through this drought it has been difficult, but we shall carry on.  We have harvested a few dozen tomatoes and carrots.  The carrots are so small that I just pull them out of the ground and hand them to LO who eats them dirt and all (bonus to an all organic garden) I don't have any pictures of the carrots.  We have pulled 35 or so POUNDS of potatoes out of the garden too!  Our pumpkins are up and going, so hopefully we will have jack-o-lanterns in October!  Here are a few pictures:

This is a bucket of 15 plants worth = 20 pounds!

The little farmer helper!

Basically is has been a fun summer so far!  On a not so fun note, I am losing weight with the help of Slim 4 Life....I'm doing it.  It's slow and it's not fun, but it's worth the work.

Also, school is almost over for the summer!  I have submitted all work for my HTML class and at 5:00 p.m. today the teacher for the Political Science class will be posting our 2nd and final test (the first was a DOOZY, so I'm expecting the same for the second).

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