Friday, July 6, 2012

Finally Decorating!

We are FINALLY decorating LO's room!  For the first 12 months she slept in our room, in our bed 100% of the time...we slowly transitioned her and now most nights she sleeps 3-4 hours on her own in her queen size we decorated it!
 We are going with a butterfly theme.  I found these cute "wall clings", but we have textured walls, so they cling to the door and her headboard.
Here are the cubes Hubby made!  They were upstairs in our room, but have always been intended for LO's room.  LOOK how organized!  NOT what it typically looks like :)  Below the cubes is the slant-top desk, that has 3 drawers and is currently empty.  Look a the AWESOME Smurf blue color of the room!
Here is LO's head board.  See the pretty butterfly?

These are the pictures of the updated craft/sewing/school room.  We call it the farm room.
 school desk.  Like the cow curtains?

 Sewing table

 Craft table...Hubby plans to do a puzzle.

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