Thursday, June 21, 2012


I am so proud of myself.

Last night, I put in a replacement zipper to an awesome pair of pants!  All by myself, I hand stitched the zipper in.  I have been wearing them now for 5 hours and have taken many trips to the bathroom and the zipper is still in and doing great!  SO EXCITED!

Originally I had planned to buy a zipper and pass off the pants and zipper to my mother-in-law (we'll call her MIL, just 'cause) see she sews...a lot and has for YEARS, so I thought it would be easy and better quality work in the end.  WELL, I decided Tuesday that I wanted to wear these pants for my "teaching" in my PE for the Classroom Teacher class....well, that's today, so I fixed my pants on my own!

School update:
Above I mentioned I am "teaching" today.  It is the first time I have had to "teach" anything in 5 years (since I left my para-educator job) I'm kinda nervous.  It will be fine, but still.  Here is my "lesson plan"....what do you think?

TATS Lesson                                                                    Ruth Godwin

Nutrition                                                                           PE 401 - Mallams

Kindergarten level

Health Education Standards:

Students will demonstrate the ability to use goal-setting skills to enhance health.

Students will comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention to enhance health.

Performance Indicators:

Identify that healthy behaviors impact personal health.

Identify a short-term personal health goal and take action toward achieving the goal.

Health Goals:

I will choose habits that prevent heart disease & prevent cancer.

I will eat healthful meals and snacks

Supplies Needed:

Cut outs of food                      Tape                            Dry erase markers

Scissors for students              Paper plates                Crayons

Classroom Set up:                Groups of 4 

White Board:                        1  chart

J Healthful             /               L Not Healthful


1.               Start with T chart

      A.        Hold up food cut outs 1 at time

                  Kids identify foods

B.              Ask “What do healthful foods do for us?”

            Help us grow, help our brains grow, fight disease, make us strong

C.              Ask “How do healthful foods do all those things?”

            They have vitamins

D.              Ask “What do not healthful foods do to us?”

            Make us feel icky, can lead to disease

E.               What do not healthful foods have?

            Lots of sugar, lots of fat, lots of oils

F.               Each kid place food in T chart

G.              Ask “Need any changes?”

2.               Worksheet #1

      Color foods, trace #s, X out not healthful food

3.   Worksheet #2

      A.        Draw 4 healthful foods you want your family to eat this week

      B.        Cut out and glue to your plate as a reminder

      C.        Have each kid report their family goal

                         ,           ,           , &        this week because they are healthful foods.”

4.   TEST!

A.              Heads down on desk: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down.  Name foods.

B.              Heads up: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down.  Show foods.

5.               HOMEWORK!

      Take your worksheet and plate home.  Share with your parents the health goal on your plate.  Report back!

***If particularly rambunctious group:

TEST can be done outside.  Place J Healthful and L Not Healthful signs on basketball goals, have kids start in center and run to the correct goal when shown a picture of a food.

I'll let you know how it goes.

One other School note: I got 98% on my midterm!  I am now missing a total of 3 points out of the semester.....not including the teaching assignment and the final exam!


  1. Nice lesson! I like the activity and test.

    1. Thanks! I think the lesson would have been much better if I had 30 minutes alotted.

  2. Well the teaching went...ok. I felt rushed and dis-com-bobulated. It was uncomfortable and unnerving. I only did about 1/2 of the lesson I had planned for time sake. We'll see.

  3. Why was the time abbreviated?