Monday, June 4, 2012

mixed emotions = school is starting

School starts today so I am having mixed emotions about the whole deal.  These emotions make me a bit crazy, and I'm sure I act a bit crazy because of them....just ask anyone.

I start with so much excitement, I can barely contain it!  The idea of going back to school is so life-altering and has so much potential for my future plans...awesome!  Then I go to, FREAKING OUT SCARED OUT OF MY MIND....ahhhh homework.  What do I do, work all day, go to school in the evening, come home and PASS OUT...when do I hold my child?  When do I snuggle?  When do I nurse?  Do I pump?  Do I not pump?  All of a sudden I am worried....the health and well-being of LO is the most important; after all that is why I am going to school, right?  I keep reminding myself, it will be ok, tomorrow will come and this part of my life (school + mommyhood + work) will end and because of it I will be better off.  Calming, relaxing emotions develop and take over!  Now I'm back to excitement!

I brought my pump just in case I need it.  10 1/2 - 11 hours away from LO is probably too long not to pump, so it seems the pump and I have rekindled our's short term though...only June.

Welcome to my roller coaster :)

So school starts today. 
Here's my plan for the next 4 weeks Monday - Thursday:
Work 8:30-3:30 (I didn't get to work until 9:00)
Get to campus 4:00 - find classroom and a comfy bench - knit
Class starts 4:30!
Go home (probably after 7:00)
NURSE, NURSE,'s how the evenings work in my life.

Hopefully I will have limited homework (after all it is a summer class....)

Good thoughts and prayers flowing to my hubby who will probably need them as he will be with LO alone from 5-7....aka "CRANKY TIME".

It'll be ok, it'll be ok......

I'll report tomorrow how it went.


  1. How was it? I have the same fears, especially when Jon will be watching Caden.. it's hard but we are doing this for our kids, so we gotta tough it out.. & if there's any chance of Caden going to college then I gotta show him I did it too, right? lol i'm not sure.. but I hope your first night went well! You have some long days ahead of you!

  2. It went really well! Class starts at 4:30 and the professor let us out at I paid for parking for 3 hours and only used 1....oh well.
    Long days indeed.
    Val, you can do it!