Tuesday, June 5, 2012

1st Royals game of the season

So my boss (we'll call him "Sir") bought 4 tickets for the Royals game last Saturday and only ended up using 2, so he gave us the other 2! 

Let me start by saying we LOVE the Royals....we are true fans, no matter the score, we stay until the end (most of the time).  We only get to see a few games a year (2 or 3) so we really treasure the moments.  For those of you wondering, yes the Royals overall suck...but they are the hometown team and we go to see the game.  After all, I couldn't do ANYTHING they can do...even slow-tubby-Billy is SUPER fast compared to me and miss-the-ball-Hosmer hits 1,000 times better than I can....imagine, me standing at home plate and a 6'5" gargantuan man launches an itty bitty baseball at my head at 100 miles an hour....YA RIGHT!

So anyway, we went to the game....90 degrees at least.  My hip was not in the best of moods, and I was trying to lug a 30 pounder....it was an event.

We made it to our Section 411 seats (almost nose-bleed) and sat.in.the.sun...for about 5 minutes.  Then we decided we should move...at least until the game started.  So we moved to the TOP of Section 411..yes nose-bleed. BUT we were in the shade!  We choose the absolute TOP of the seats because there was a little area of concrete with no seats that would be perfect for LO to play....if she was in the mood to play which she was not.

The game was at 1:10...right after lunch and during nap time...so we nursed...then be bounced, and finally she slept!  She slept from the National Anthem through the 4th inning!  Then we decided, it is time to leave, cranky-short-napped child was SO ready to play on the ground and wander on her own.  So we left...unusual for us.

We went tot he lower level and checked out the "nursing room" which has a sign labeling the room"cart access"....strange.  I had heard through FB friends that the room was a storage closet and still had paint cans and tools laying around.  Well, I am happy to report this is not the case!  The room was beautiful.  3 lazyboy style chairs a curtain for privacy and a TV to watch the game...PLUS it was air conditioned!  Maybe next time we will use the room...doubtful.

Here are pictures from the game.



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