Thursday, June 14, 2012

School Update

School is great!

I am really enjoying being back in the swing.
I am taking  "PE in the classroom" M-Th evenings 4:30-6:30 only in June.  We are 1/2 way!  It is VERY easy, for which I am grateful.
Yesterday the teacher said "you are the only freshman listed in this class".  EXCUSE ME???? FRESHMAN???? What?  So I gave her my education career story, many of you know it, so I won't bore you.  She was surprised that PE 401 was the class I would choose to jump back in after 9 years.  Well, I think it was a good choice, it's quick, easy and has very little new information, just new terminology.  Whatever.
Monday is our midterm. 1/4 of our grade.  So I have printed the study guide and filled it out.  Yesterday before school I was making my notecards to study from, and was asked by one of the not-freshman blond bimbos "You still study like that?"  YES I do, and if you want to question my method, maybe we should wait until the scores are back!  She made me really MAD.  What really irritates me about her is that she will be molding children 2 years ahead of me (if she can get a job, which I have my doubts).

Pumping on my way to school, give me purpose and forces me to leave work behind and focus on school.  It's nice, I think I missed my pumping in the car...who would have thought that?

Turns out that my financial aid was not available to me until I was enrolled 1/2 time.  Well because I had not taken any classes for the 2011-2012 school year, I had to have 1 semester of 1/2 time...6 hours.  So no big deal.  EXCEPT the PE class is only 2 credits...who knew?  So now I am enrolled in 8 hours this summer.  How did we go from 2 to 8, you ask?  2 = PE, 3 = online PoliSci, 3 = online Web Design.  Imagine ME in a web design class, that's pretty icky looking.  It starts in July, so I will keep you updated.


  1. I have been meaning to tell you this, there is a girl in my class {older} that reminds me EXACTLY of you! The way she looks, talks, & even her hand gestures are so similar to you! I thought of it as a sign from God! I miss all my old friends in KC =[ & I really miss breastfeeding {we're talking about it in class}

    Good luck, I think you'll do great.. you just have to have the attitude to complete assignments & the willpower to continue propelling forward!

  2. Val,
    I miss you too. Talking about being pregnant makes me want to be again....not yet. The time will come. And the time will come for you to breastfeed again. We do what is best for our family. For you, it was best for your family to not pump, I TOTALLY understand that.
    I hope school is going well for you and that your lifeguard background is helpful. :)