Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flag Day

Did you know that June 14 is always flag day?  

Woke up this morning and saw my neighbor had replaced his NASCAR flag with a good ‘ole red white & blue!  It was a great way to wake up.

Then driving to work I passed the “Avenue of Flags” sponsored by a local Lyons Club.  All those flags blowing in the wind made me wish I was a bird that could also appreciate the wind.

Anyway, here is a neat poster for a celebration a city had in 1917.  So neat.  Just makes me proud to be part of this crazy country.

This is also the day the Army celebrates its birthday.  Every year they have a big cake at all the bases.  I have seen pictures and hear about the celebrations all over the world, that’s neat.

Anyway, happy flag day!

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