Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Not every nursing child bites.  My child does.  It is terribly painful and the single most aggravating part of nursing...thus far.

Biting is more than just a nibble on occasion.  Biting is most nursing sessions ending in tears from at least one of us, a blood trail in my bra and just plain PAIN.  It's terrible.

What to do?  There are a lot of opinions and ideas on ow to prevent the biting, stop the biting and soothe the nipples.

What works?  Not much.  We have found that if Daddy holds LO upside down she can nurse without biting!  I think this is because she has to concentrate.  After a minute or so, I can then hold her in the cradle position.  Another option has been to sit her on the back of the couch or the balance ball, again she has to concentrate.

In hurts & we are working on it.

Any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

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