Sunday, September 18, 2011


So I have posted that I was applying for LeLeche League Leadership....I was notified by e-mail today that I was rejected as a Leader Applicant.  This sucks.

It basically comes down to I work too much (35-40) hours a week and have not followed the LeLeche League principles by working and going back to work when LO was only 6 weeks old.  This was a financial necessity for my family. 

My opinion is as follows:

1. LeLeche League standards are out of touch with reality.

2. The woman in charge of my decision, was ridiculous.

3. Many new moms are going to miss out on hearing my experiences dealing with:
           a) gallbladder issues
           b) pumping - daily...multiple times
           c) flange size issues
           d) mothering choices such as no shots, home birth, solid food choices...etc.

4. #3 makes me sad for myself (I like to talk about obstacles that I have overcome), but more saddend for the new mom that needs to hear "It will be ok" from a mom that has been forced back to work for financial reasons and not regretted it.  Hearing "It will be ok" from a mom that has never been back to work, only works very part-time, or the mom that has never had supply issues, just doesn't mean the same.

5. I will find a way to make my breastfeeding knowledge and opinions known to many people, hopefully I will receive an apology letter from LeLeche League along with an acceptance into the leadership process.  If not, have no fear, I will figure it out.

Rejection is a hard thing to handle.  I am attempting to be graceful and not hateful (it's my default) while allowing myself to move on without this goal in life's tough.

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