Monday, September 19, 2011

Not a quitter

After a wonderful LeLeche League meeting where again my views were wanted, needed and appreciated, I have decided to fight the system.  I have never been a quitter, I don't plan to start now.  Who is this woman to tell me, a mom of a Beautiful LO, that I am not who they are looking for?  She has chosen the wrong person to deny.

Thank you for the support Aimee, Sarah, Cynthia, BrookieLee, Julie & Dottie.  It's wonderful to have a support group like you all.

As to the other would-be applicants: We can't help make the world better without pushing the envelope.  This particular envelope needs to be busted open.  I hope you will reconsider and join me. :)  We are WOMEN, we work, we nurse, we LOVE our many more women are out there...let's make them WOMEN!

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