Monday, February 20, 2012

20 in 2012

This is a list of 20 things I want to accomplish in 2012.
The assistance of many people will be enlisted!

1. Swim a mile
    I used to be able to do this....pre-pregnancy....

2. Run a mile
    I have NEVER been able to do will power....

3. Enroll in Zumba or Step class
    LOVED step-aerobics class in college

4. finish Bernat's Knit-a-long
    I am half way through the first block of an 8 block clue #1.....join   me!  

5. Make all Christmas gifts
    Hopefully I will be done aroun dHalloween

6. Finish Amy's baby blanket - CHECK!
    It's done, it's done, it's done!

7. Make something for Alayna's twins
    I have no ideas....suggestions?

8. Enroll in school - part time

9. Enroll in school - full time

10. Apply for 10 scholarships/grants

11. Enjoy a trip I didn't plan

12. Become debt free

13. Swim off the boat at Lake

14. Take youth to Arkansas

15. Sing solo @ church
      This is scheduled for 3/11

16. Write children's book
      Always been a dream of mine

17. 30 blogs

18. Feel beautiful at friends wedding in June

19. Visit KC Zoo 15 times

20. Go to family reunion in July
      This seems like a strange goal, but I have not seen my dad's side of the family in 10-12 years.  I think it is time.

SO, there you have it.  Wish me luck.  Help when you can.

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